One of the most profound solutions to a business that has become convoluted is integrating an enterprise resources planning system, but a lot of business owners balk at the initial hefty investment. It’s good to be careful about pulling the trigger on an ERP system, just know that you waste more time and resources by dragging your feet while your business continues running at its bogged down pace. So, if you want to do something to streamline your business, but you’re not sure an ERP system is the way to go, check for these three signs of inefficiency.

No One Can Explain Exactly What’s Going On

Go to someone working on a project and ask them three things:

  1. What is the measurable goal of your project?
  2. How close are you to reaching it?
  3. What have you done so far?

If there’s confusion on any of these points, it’s probably worth implementing an ERP system. It would give everyone involved in the project immediate access to all the hard data of their work and where they need to go. Everything they finish could be recorded as they accomplish it and store the information so they can keep track of their progress. This way you and your employees would always have a clear idea of where they’re at in the project and what the ultimate goal is.


You’re Using too many Programs

If your office is on one system and your warehouse is on another we don’t have to tell you what a pain it is to put together shipping data, invoices, or problem tickets to communicate between all the different branches. An ERP system could bridge your call center, your management office, and your warehouse all onto the same system with the same constantly updated information, so everyone is on the same page.

You Spend too much Time Accounting

Human accountants have their place, but not every business can afford to hire someone to meticulously keep track of every day transactions. And why would you when there’s ERP accounting software that can do it automatically? You probably didn’t get into your business to crunch numbers. So when you find yourself spending hours entering transaction data into a spreadsheet and filing it away, it might be time to start researching ERP.

ERP systems are designed to simplify and streamline projects and processes that have become clunky. When you have people who have been hired to do one thing, but often find themselves getting caught up in managerial data research and reference, something needs to change. ERP systems are often a hefty investment, but when done properly, they offer immediate return by giving you simplified access and communication throughout your business. And all it takes to get started is a simple email or phone call.

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