We are all magicians who can summon a face on our screens with a wave of the finger. But that convenience interferes with the human element of conversation essential to clear communication. If you’ve ever been subjected to the free video chat software plastered around the internet then you’ve probably felt the odd sense of disconnection they create:

  • People didn’t look at you. They looked at a screen, depriving you of real eye contact.
  • The picture quality left everyone looking blown out or pale, if not pixelated.
  • When they moved off screen you couldn’t move your eyes to follow them, and if they moved their camera it jolted your vision and made you lose focus.

When you’re talking to friends and family, it’s annoying, but when you’re talking to the engineer on the other side of the country about a project you need finished in a week, it’s dangerous. Fortunately, it’s easier to make video communication more organic and productive with advancing technology. This is the advantage of enterprise video conferencing systems.

Picture Quality



There’s no substitute for the naked human eye, but we’ll need to find ways to make do when you’re talking to someone 100 miles away. A life size screen and high end camera go a long way to making you come through clear. This means everyone can read facial expressions and body language better, and there’s less chance they’ll be distracted by unnatural lighting anomalies like color distortion or fuzziness. And showing up to a video conference with bad picture quality is almost as bad as showing up in a dirty shirt.

Fluid Movement


Meetings don’t always involve someone sitting at a desk. Camera movement is essential if you’re trying to give a presentation online or speaking with a large table of people. It’s uncomfortable when they’re talking to someone who’s just poking out of the edge of their screen. A high end conferencing system will have several solutions with manual and automatic features to help you get the most out of the room you’re in and avoid awkward framing.

Natural Voice

It’s not all visual. Without decent sound you just become another talking head with a distorted message. That’s great for 1984 jokes, but not very productive. Microphones are incredibly sensitive and complicated pieces of equipment that get more problematic the cheaper they are. They might force you to speak louder than you would naturally, making you seem unnatural or more aggressive than you would at your comfortable volume. A good microphone gives you back control of your voice.

It’s Better Being Human

Video conferencing is one of the greatest new conveniences of our age. Every growing technology has its hurdles, but with every jump in video communication we retain a little more of our humanity. That isn’t just about quality of life, it’s about quality of product. You can create a cleaner, efficient, and more dynamic experience for online meetings and presentations with an enterprise video conferencing system. Better communication means better business. This is how you can show your business and your product the respect they deserve.

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