Team building event: businessmen in 'group hug' in office

The rise of open offices, video conferencing systems and cloud computing has fostered a love for huddle rooms in the workplaces of America. They’ve become an ideal, economic solution for supplying small group projects with the modern tools almost all businesses now demand. But these small-room innovations are especially vulnerable to certain office taboos, and it’s time we discussed them.

Learn the Technology

Senior woman using computer

You don’t have to be a software engineer to know how to use Power Point, Skype, or any of the host of user friendly programs on theMicrosoft Surface. Which makes it an especially egregious sin when you’re trying to start a group call but don’t know where the proper button is. If you feel embarrassed about not knowing how something works, whether it’s a simple chat program or the communication between the wireless devices and the LCD monitor, consider how much more embarrassing and inefficient it will be when you interrupt the meeting by restarting the tablet instead of opening your presentation, so don’t be afraid to ask. Someone, in your office your elsewhere, can show you how everything works.

Don’t Be the Greasy Fingers Guy

We live in a touchscreen world. You can use your hands to manipulate the elements of your small meeting on tablets and smartphones. That also means people have to touch a lot of things, turning all your screens into the equivalent of a doorknob you can talk through. And like doorknobs, no one likes it when you leave a slime of kitchen grease behind. But before you throw out the bucket of chicken and rifle through your drawers for napkins, bare in mind there are a lot of places you can pick up a layer of oil, your hair being the main culprit.

Your Farts Just Ruined this Meeting

It is a natural function, but so are hurricanes, and some places are better suited for those than others. While the small size of the huddle room is great for creating a comfortable atmosphere, it has its drawbacks. Primarily, smells linger for a long time. Do your team mates and your project a favor and excuse yourself to let nature take its course. Most project managers would much prefer catching you up on the few minutes you missed than pretend everyone isn’t smelling the inside of your large intestine.


A small space naturally produces problems when filled with people. Thankfully these problems are easy to solve, and the benefits far outweigh the possible problems. It’s more cost effective to install video conferencing systems, and it creates a more accessible and personal space for small groups with prolonged projects. With just a little common courtesy, the huddle room phenomenon will continue revolutionizing the office world for years to come.

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