Video Conferencing in the News

Video conferencing continues to grow quickly and consistently in  both the public and private sectors. A quick look around the web at any given time will uncover numerous articles about new industries that have adopted this ever improving technology to increase productivity, decrease travel expenses and improve customer service. He are a few links to recent articles that highlight the growth of the enterprise video conferencing industry. It is always interesting to see the innovative ways organizations are using video conferencing systems to to improve their business.

Global Video Conferencing Market to Expand at 8.50%

Here is a Great article from Tele Presence Options  that highlights a report from Transparency Market Research about the projected growth of the video conferencing industry through 2023.  According to the report the the video conferencing market is expected to grow from a $3.7 billion to $7.8 billion by 2023.
Global Video Conferencing Market to Expand at 8.50% CAGR from 2015 to 2023 owing to Globalization of Enterprises

Video Conferencing Helps Make Learning English Fun

This great article from Yibada tells the story of how an English language teacher in China began utilizing video to improve the engagement of his students. The success of video conferencing in teaching English in China has a led a company called VIPKID to pair students in China with teachers in America via video conferencing.
English-Language Instructors Make Learning Fun Using Viral Videos, Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Reduces the Risk of Prisoner Escape at a Jail in India.

This article from the Indian newspaper, “The Hindu”, highlights a jail in the Indian city of Alppuzha that has adopted the use of video conferencing, so that they do not have to transport prisoners to court. They have had a problem with prisoners escaping during transport, so the ability take of judicial proceedings via a video conference rather than trans porting the prisoners to court is helpful in preventing prisoner escape.
Videoconferencing facility at jail

Video Conferencing Helps NATO Collaborate When Responding to World Conflicts

This really interesting article from Search Unified Communications features the use of video conferencing by NATO to help keep the peace by making communication between it’s thirty two different branches much easier and cheaper.
Video conferencing systems help NATO keep the peace

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