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IT Service

At CIO Virtual Solutions, we believe that the best and most creative work gets done when employees and clients alike feel relaxed, comfortable, and free to explore new ideas. We provide access to Information Technology experts who have both advanced technical knowledge and real-world implementation experience, who enjoy flexible hours that fit their lifestyles as well as clients’ needs, and who approach every challenge with enthusiasm.

ERP Service

At some point every company needs guidance from experts in the IT field. From choosing the best email solution for your individual organization to selecting the correct ERP system to enable your business to thrive, engaging with experts who specialize in technology is an investment that will have long-term rewards.

Hiring knowledgeable full-time staff can be difficult and expensive. By working with our experienced team, you can feel confident that the technology you choose adds immediate value to your business at a fraction of the cost of insourcing.

CIO Virtual Solutions Vision

With CIO Virtual Solutions, Chad Toland set out to create a top-tier team of collaborative information technology experts for whom geographical distance would be no obstacle to performance and service delivery.

After over twenty years in the information technology industry, Chad wanted to shape a new kind of company, one built around the fundamental principle of making employees, clients, and business partners all excited to come together to produce innovative and timely results. Drawing on his managerial and consulting experience, Chad imagined CIO as a lifestyle company: a place where business needs intersect with interpersonal relationships, and where up-to-date video conferencing and virtual meeting technologies enable human connections and mutual sparks of genius across distance.

Chad believes that personal health and happiness are the cornerstones of extraordinary technical achievement, and his team enjoys collaboration from personally inspirational locations and on personally tailored schedules that suit the needs of employees and clients alike — whether that means working at home in the evenings with a view of the ocean or in the middle of a bustling and energetic office.

Chad’s vision combines the latest information technology developments with an enduring sense of the importance of personal interaction. His emphasis on creativity, mobility, and flexibility benefits clients who seek increased productivity, as well as employees who have spouses, children, parents, pets, hobbies, or sports teams to cheer on at home. Chad, for his part, enjoys life in Lake Tahoe with his twins Ariella and Isabella, water-skiing, and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Mission Statement

CIO Virtual Solutions is not your typical IT consulting company. We pride ourselves on forming strategic partnerships to enable your business to thrive. With a holistic approach and decades of experience, CIO provides IT solutions for long term success.

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