Infor CloudSuite Industrial - CIO Virtual Solutions

Infor Campus

Infor Campus provides convenient, cost-effective training that helps optimize the value of your Infor solutions and deliver a higher return on your software investment. A well-trained team that [...]

CloudSuite Doc-Trak

Doc-Trak is a best-in-class document management tool that streamlines your office and manufacturing operations, saving time and eliminating the annoyance of managing paperwork. With Doc-Trak, you [...]

CloudSuite Quality

CloudSuite Quality manages advanced quality activities across your entire organization, including quality incidents, change management, and responses to audit findings. The solution also creates [...]

CloudSuite Service

CloudSuite Service is ideal for companies that use work orders in any capacity or that want to increase the profitability of extended warranties and contracts. This robust service management [...]

CloudSuite APS

CloudSuite APS meets your lean manufacturing goal: to do more and more with less and less. APS uses lean planning capabilities to focus on customer demand today. By synchronizing the flow of [...]

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