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Infor CloudSuite Process Manufacturing

Challenges Impacting Process Mfg.

Margin Pressure

  • Highly volatile raw material costs and availability.
  • Tightened SLAs from retailers and distributors.
  • Unpredictable utility and transportation costs.

Order lead times


  • Short lead times.
  • Product to forecast vs. orders.
  • Short shelf life.
  • Penalties for late or incomplete fulfillment.

Infor Difference

  • Multi-site planning.
  • Algorithm accounts for shelf life.
  • Promotional considerations.

Total Cost of Ownership


  • Cost of IT.
  • New technology adoption.
  • IT strategy as core competence.

Infor Difference

  • Quick return on investment.
  • Low IT requirements.
  • Empowered users.
  • Successful implementations.
  • One stop shop.

Quality and Compliance

  • Regulations and Labelling laws changing.
  • Less processing/preservatives puts new pressure on quality.
  • Environmental laws & sustainability innovative evolving.

Product Traceability


  • Required to know where specific serial & lot traced items are used and shipped.

Infor Difference

  • Full traceability including detailed tracking of serial tracking items going into serial track items.

Innovation and Differentiation

  • Consumer demands continue to evolve requiring new products be developed.
  • New ingredients, technology and packaging.
  • Consumer demands for information continue to expand.

Formula Management


  • Variable Ingredients
  • Variable Product Cost
  • Fixed Selling Price

Infor Difference

  • Optimize across ingredient and operational variable.
  • Actual costing helps determine optimum product mix.

Key Differentiators

User Experience
  • Workspace – In-Context BI
  • Mingle – Social Business Platform
  • EPAK -Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit & KNOWLEDGE ZONE – Online Training Portal
Infor CloudSuite Process Manufacturing
Make to Order Make to Stock Engineer to Order Configure to Order Repetitive
Financial Management Costing & Analysis Production & Operations Management
Multi-site CRM Sale & Operation Planning
Human Capital Management Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Quality Management
Project Management Warehouse Management Barcode Data Collection
eCommerce Corporate Perfomance Management Product Lifecycle Management
Expense Management Portal – Customer – Vendor Energy Sustainability

Microsoft .NET – Mongoose Toolset – SQL Database

ION – Integration – Workflow – Alerts – Event Management

Deployment – On-Premise – Hosted – SaaS

Make Your our CloudSuite Process Manufacturing your Own

  • Software that works the way you do.
  • Configurable for each user.
  • Access information from anywhere.
  • Easy customer portal access.

Built Exclusively on Microsoft

  • Full integration with Microsoft Office
  • AQL database
  • Browser agnostic
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Low cost of ownership
    • Minimum IT resources required
    • Minimum servers
      • Virtual servers are supported

Infor Mongoose

Technology and Smart Framework

Application Development: Mongoose is Infor’s rapid development framework for building new and extending legacy applications.

Flexible Architecture: Mongoose can be used to build anything – from complex ERPs to simple web parts.

Efficient & Fast: Mongoose is engineered to scale quickly, enabling a low cost, unified platform for all business applications within an IT footprint.

Rapid application Development
Why is it fast? How Does it Work?
Wizard-driven features to create tables, IDOs and base forms. Minimize code via metadata (Forms, IDOs and AES)
Basic Functions pre-plumbed. Behaviors implemented via event-driven architecture
 No separate development tool, it’s in Mongoose. Code is .NET, built in Visual Studio, Managed by the framework
 Code can be Added as needed using standard Microsoft Language. Uses MS SQL Server databases
Mongoose Key Business Benenits
  • Rapid application development
  • Fast installation is simple and flexible
  • Easy integration to your existing applications
  • Seamless publishing to web and multi-development and deployment
  • Preserve upgrades while customizing applications
  • ION enabled in core toolset
Mobile Access

User Interface

Deployment Options

On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid

  • On-premise or cloud or hybrid
    • All from a single code base
    • Consistent user experience, security, administration
    • Industry Suite in the cloud
  • Faster time to value
  • Introduce cloud at any phase
    • Demo, prototype, test, go live, deploy, upgrade measure and report
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