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A young woman reading a book on a tablet high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California.

There has been a lot of articles written in the past few years about mobile devices blurring the lines between work and home. Much of the American workforce seems to have utilized the quickly evolving mobile technology to work after hours, on weekends and even on vacation. This development  is usually talked and written about in a negative light by talking heads and anti technology prognosticators who have nothing better to do than write long articles that blame our growing dependence on mobile devices for many of modern society’s ills.

It is Your Time. Do What You Want on Whatever Mobile Device You Want To Use.

After reading several of these articles on various mobile devices I eventually came to the conclusion that the time we spend away from the the office is our time. If we choose to harness the power of modern technology to work while sitting on our couch with the television playing in the background or on a beach while on vacation that is our business. Lots of people think about work while they are relaxing. The simple fact is that a lot of work problems are solved away from the work place. I think the lines between work and home have always been blurred mentally with business men and women. It has only been the last few years that improved technology has allowed us to do something about these problems that consume their thoughts even when we are away from work.

Mobile devices give you freedom to work where you want.

 Work Where You Want…Guilt Free

Rather than complain that mobile devices are forcing us into some type of modern indentured servitude we should be utilizing these devices to work where we want. Thanks to expanding WiFi and 4G networks the locations in which we are able to work are quickly increasing. The perfect work environment for solving problems that require a fair amount of creativity may be the blurred line between home and work. It might be in some fairly remote location on the edge of the cellular network or may be it’s at the beach. Mobile 4G-compatible devices such as the Microsoft Surface make much of the world a potential workplace. We should take advantage of it without feeling guilty.

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