Lifesize Announces Their New WebRTC Video Conferencing Browser App | CIO Virtual Solutions

On September 16 Lifesize announced the new Lifesize Cloud Web App which is a fully featured calling platform that will initially work only on Google Chrome and Mozilla. The beauty of this app is that it provides access to Lifesize Cloud’s video chat environment without the inconvenience of downloading software. Customers can now access  Lifesize video conferencing through a single sign on and forgo the time and trouble of downloading and installing software.

No Complicated Instructions Required

This app is really simple to use and the set up is quick and painless. You can be up an running in two easy steps.

1) Copy and Paste this link into your address bar using either Chrome or Mozilla.

2) Click OK when asked if you would like to give Lifecloud permission to access your built in camera or webcam
Boom. Done. It is that simple.

No Pants Required

One of the most anticipated features of this app is the content and voice only feature. The ability to exclude video options from online conferencing on the mornings that you are working from home, and don’t feel like brushing your hair or putting on pants will be greatly appreciated.


No Board Room Required

Lifesize has realized that video conferencing has moved far beyond the board room into businesses of all sizes, and they have given companies of all types a tool that will help them be more connected with clients, suppliers, sub contractors and employees.

There is of course a quality trade off to using a browser based video conferencing application. The sound and video quality are not on par with a traditional room based video conferencing system, but the convenience and cost saving make it a minor trade off in most circumstances. Lifesize still continues to produce top of the line video conferencing products for the situations where quality is imperative. WebRTC is brand new, so it is only going to improve, and I am looking forward to the watching the evolution of this product.

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