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Video Conferencing

Every business relies on collaboration, communication, and human connection. The use of Lifesize remote meeting and video conferencing services guarantees these connections continue regardless of distance, saving money on travel expenses while ensuring in-person interaction and information delivery. The complete CIO1000 Video System includes Lifesize HD video hardware, a 10x HD camera, an integrated microphone with noise canceling, a 60″ smart tv, and a heavy-duty stand, ensuring that your video conferences run smoothly.

CIO Virtual Solutions will work with you to set up a video conferencing solution that best suits your company’s needs, allowing for greater flexibility in meetings, instant sharing of files and projects, and greater convenience. Let us help you take your video conferencing to the next level but implementing a hardware/software solution so your company can save on travel and improve the efficiency of offsite employees and subcontractors.

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